Freedom for Sasha!

Appeal to the Valsileostrovsky court of Saint-Petersburg

We, the undersigned civil activists and journalists writing on the topic of mental health ask the court to immediately change the measure of restraint for Aleksandra (Sasha) Skochilenko.

Alexandra was detained on April 11, 2022, the reason being an art action criticizing the military special operation of the RF Armed Forces on the territory of Ukraine. Sasha is now charged with article 207.3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Discrediting the Armed Forces, committed for reasons of political hatred.”

In her works as both a journalist and an activist Alexandra has made a huge contribution to the fight against prejudice surrounding the topic of mental disorders. In her ‘Book of Depression’, she utilized simple examples to introduce the readers to the issue of an illness that affects millions of Russians. In a simple yet witty manner Alexandra breaks down the basics - symptoms, treatment and the necessity of early intervention for those suffering from this condition. Her materials were designed to become one of the first works published in Russian for a Russian audience to draw attention to a disease that already affects more than 300 million people worldwide.

As a professional journalist Sasha worked for the St. Petersburg edition of Paper magazine, which is read by hundreds of thousands of St. Petersburg residents. We insist that in all of her works Alexandra promotes the ideas of humanism and justice for everyone regardless of their origin or innate characteristics. All of Sasha's artistic activities, including the action for which she is being tried, are exclusively peaceful in nature and emphasize the absolute value of human life. Which is completely at odds with the idea of ‘political hatred’ the prosecution is trying to promote.

Illustrations from

"Book of depression"

We call for action! Here’s why it’s important

For health reasons Alexandra is in great danger, and might very well die due to the extremely poor conditions of detention in the pre-trial detention facility. Our colleague suffers from a rare genetic condition - celiac disease, a serious autoimmune malfunction that manifests in severe gluten intolerance. Gluten is a vegetable protein commonly found in the majority of foods, such as bread, rice, canned products etc. Those suffering from gluten intolerance should stick to a strict diet to avoid complications since their bodies are unable to process this protein. The Russian detention system is unable and unwilling to provide Sasha with the kind of food she should be consuming according to her treatment, which means that in her case she will most likely suffer from complications that will lead to a gradual decline in health and may even put her life at risk. It is important to note that Sasha is also officially diagnosed with cyclothymia, a mood disorder that requires medical treatment.

Sasha’s friends and supporters regularly attest to the fact that specific dietary products they try to send Sasha are not being accepted by the staff of the detention center. They also confirm numerous miscommunications with the representatives of said detention center. Official representatives of the facility fail to provide the public with any legitimate reason for rejection of these transfers. Information we get from the layers, however, confirms that Alexandra’s physical and mental health is already rapidly declining.

Since June 8, the artist has been undergoing a forensic psychiatric examination in the inhumane conditions of a psychiatric hospital. The medical staff does not provide Sasha with a gluten-free diet. According to doctors, if Sasha doesn’t get access to necessary dietary products she may begin to develop avitaminosis and/or intestinal cancer over this period of time.

However, even if fatal consequences for the body do not occur before the trial, Article 207.3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation implies a restriction of freedom from 5 to 10 years. Given the characteristics of Alexandra's condition, a prison term could very well become a death sentence for her. This is completely disproportionate to the severity of the "crime" she is accused of.

Sasha in the courtroom. Source: Fontanka

Why is it not only unfair but also against the law?

According to Article 4 of the Federal Law from July 15, 1995 N 103-Federal Legislation "On the detention of suspects and those accused of committing crimes", detention should be carried out in "accordance with the principles of legality, justice, presumption of innocence, humanism and equality of all citizens before the law’. We strongly believe that the detention of a person with several chronic conditions is contrary to the basic provisions of both Russian and international law.

Alexandra has already been supported by psychiatrists, psychotherapists and mental health specialists. The petition for changing the measure of restraint has already been signed by more than 140.000 Russians.

Based on the foregoing we demand that Aleksandra's preventive measure should be immediately replaced with a non-custodial preventive measure. We also demand for a fair and transparent trial under the criminal article, which Sasha is accused of violating.

People who were signed appeal (13.09.2022)

Total signatures: 427

Public signatures: 273

  1. Drugov Sergey Andreevich, psychoactivist, journalist
  2. Sasha Starost, artist, psychoactivist
  3. Masha Pushkina (Favorskaya), writer and psychologist
  4. Pavel Lotvin, psychoactivist
  5. Minina Arina Viktorovna, activist
  6. Alena Shibarshina, director of ANO Center for systemic support for people with mental disorders and their loved ones "How are you"
  7. Larkina Anastasia Vyacheslavovna, psychoactivist
  8. Novikova Yana Viktorovna, freelancer
  9. Vilensky Dmitry Emilievich, artist
  10. Vasilyeva Elena Nikolaevna, civil activist
  11. Pilyavskaya Anastasia Konstantinovna, kindergarten teacher
  12. Ilyina Ekaterina Alexandrovna, clinical psychologist, civil activist
  13. Sadovsky Dmitry Sergeevich, Russian philologist
  14. Vasilyeva Natalya Vladimirovna, clinical psychologist
  15. Joseph Isahakyan, artist, activist
  16. Ksenia Lyakhova, femactivist
  17. Potapova Vitalia Andreevna, civil activist
  18. Baricheva Lada Eduardovna, artist, poet, psychologist
  19. Radchenko Marina Olegovna, university employee
  20. Zhukova Tatyana Georgievna, psychoactivist
  21. Korolev Vsevolod Anatolyevich, civil activist, poet, journalist
  22. Kartashova Yulia Alexandrovna, a loser in Putin's Russia
  23. Skochilenko Nadezhda Valerievna, pensioner
  24. Zausaeva Oksana Alexandrovna, education worker
  25. Akhmedova Zarima Magomedovna, psychologist
  26. Golub Ivan Aleksandrovich, anti-war activist and psychoactivist
  27. Robonen O.A, doctor
  28. Katerina Centenary, psychoactivist
  29. Zhentsova Margarita Sergeevna, artist
  30. Nakonechnaya Maria Konstantinovna, civil activist
  31. "Grandfather Mouse", psychoactivist
  32. Malyukova Daria Aleksandrovna, clinical psychologist
  33. Fabricius Elena Vladimirovna, not indifferent citizen
  34. Bogdanova Elena Aleksandrovna, editor
  35. Samoilova Valeria Andreevna, civil activist
  36. Ivankova Marina, artist
  37. Dymov Andrey Viktorovich, Researcher
  38. Natalya Anderson, civil activist
  39. Rysaeva Elina, caring citizen
  40. Kovba Andrey Valerievich, programmer
  41. Fomina Anna Alexandrovna, caring citizen
  42. Stepanova Anastasia Nikolaevna, programmer
  43. Kurakin Georgy Fedorovich, biologist, popularizer of science
  44. Perepelitsa Evgenia, designer
  45. Grishko Valeria Alexandrovna, editor-proofreader
  46. Zausaev Anton Anatolyevich, manager in a transport company
  47. Maria Alekseevna Zhurbina, translator
  48. Yusova Tatyana Igorevna, teacher
  49. Marakova Ekaterina Ivanovna, psychologist
  50. Leonov Petr Alekseevich, NGO employee
  51. Startseva Sofia, Researcher
  52. Elina Shpilman, programmer
  53. Kosarev Evgeniy, carpenter
  54. Baraksanov Pavel Viktorovich, tailor
  55. Mikhail Vyacheslavovich Fribus, marketing manager at Leibniz University Hannover
  56. Kharitonova Alexandra Alekseevna, director, animator, teacher
  57. Strogalev Dmitry Sergeevich, civil activist
  58. Chuhustova Larisa Vladimirovna, caring citizen
  59. Avvakumova Natalia, civil activist
  60. Ivanova Elizabeth, psychoactivist
  61. Minin Dmitry Alexandrovich, psychotherapist
  62. Poze Inna, doctor
  63. Anisimova Alexandra Dmitrievna, artist
  64. Kornilova Alexandra Anatolyevna, caring citizen
  65. Daria Opelat, tutor
  66. Kuzmina Olga Adonisovna, musician
  67. Chetvergova Diana Mikhailovna, student
  68. Blinkova Anastasia Dmitrievna, caring citizen
  69. Lezhneva Ekaterina Vladimirovna, accountant
  70. Prokopenko Semyon Dmitrievich, a caring citizen
  71. Zubkova Svetlana Aleksandrovna, not indifferent citizen
  72. Gorodova Olga Nikolaevna, self-employed
  73. Filimonov Egor Yurievich, pensioner
  74. Syuryun Karina Kamilevna, civil activist
  75. Bunina Diana Viktorovna, programmer
  76. Martynova Veronika Andreevna, writer
  77. Serebrennikova Tatyana Alexandrovna, book editor, caring citizen of her country
  78. Sanarova Ekaterina Olegovna, caring citizen
  79. Sherstneva Anastasia Georgievna, art critic
  80. Anna Webber, model
  81. Dion Cobussen, citizen of the Netherlands
  82. Mozgunov Alexander Nikolaevich, not indifferent citizen
  83. Akirova Mira Sergeevna, director
  84. Trusova Anna Alekseevna, civil activist
  85. Sharova Karina Vladimirovna, cook
  86. Volodina Anastasia Vladimirovna, builder
  87. Kiskina Nadezhda Yurievna, copywriter
  88. Zelentsova Anastasia Pavlovna, feminist activist
  89. Al Kowalski, journalist
  90. Alexey Nechaev, caring citizen
  91. Belovodskaya Natalya Alexandrovna, a caring citizen
  92. Skrypnikov Oleg Mikhailovich, circus clown
  93. Popova Anastasia Stanislavovna, civil activist
  94. Kruglov Ilya Sergeevich, civil activist
  95. Glushchenko Margarita Yurievna, civil activist
  96. Avetisyan Anastasia Armenovna, student
  97. Smelkova Anna Yurievna, not indifferent citizen
  98. Kolchanovsky Artyom Denisovich, citizen
  99. Vavilova Alexandra Anatolyevna, librarian
  100. Lipatova Olga Gennadievna, caring citizen
  101. Reznikova Snezhana Yurievna, Administrator
  102. Utkina Evgenia Ulmasovna, civil activist
  103. Bulgakova Bela Aleksandrovna, not indifferent citizen
  104. Boryaeva Irina Mikhailovna, designer
  105. Mikhailova Ekaterina Dmitrievna, artist
  106. Korobkina Anastasia Borisovna, civil activist
  107. Muntyan Varvara Anatolievna, IP
  108. Sokolova Olga Vladimirovna, pensioner
  109. Tatyana Chertopolokhova, artist
  110. Savina Svetlana Evgenievna, tutor
  111. Fischer Jan Markovich, artist
  112. Korelina Yulia Valentinovna, civil activist
  113. Kolganova Polina Sergeevna, entrepreneur
  114. Beteva Natalya Anatolyevna, civil activist
  115. Listopadov Maksim Maksimovich, civic activist, paramedic
  116. Silkina Lydia Alexandrovna, civil activist
  117. Lobanova Olga Alexandrovna, English teacher
  118. Artemkina Anna Sergeevna, musician
  119. Suleymanova Silina Radikovna, caring citizen
  120. Alekseeva Anastasia Valerievna, student
  121. Knyazev Daniil Olegovich, musician and teacher
  122. Bondarenko Svetlana Viktorovna, housewife
  123. Ageev Maxim, freelancer
  124. Berezanskaya Inna Sergeevna, market analyst
  125. Subkhankulova Alsu, NGO employee
  126. Lifanov Roman Grigorievich, film director
  127. Vprygiva Nadezhda Valerievna, seller
  128. Remez Maxim Alexandrovich, student - physicist
  129. Dryanitsyna Elena, teacher
  130. Gribanova Alexandra, musician
  131. Kendys Alexey Maksimovich, student
  132. Nechaeva Anastasia Sergeevna, sales manager
  133. Makarenko Ekaterina Mikhailovna, translator
  134. Ivshin Nikolai Alexandrovich, civil activist
  135. Kislova Inna Vitalievna, seller
  136. Slushnaya M.V., not indifferent citizen
  137. Shemyakin Evgeny Vladimirovich, IT specialist
  138. Sokolova Maria Alexandrovna, a caring citizen
  139. Korovyakova Ekaterina Andreevna, civil activist
  140. Subbotin A.I., state employee
  141. Safonova Valentina Aleksandrovna, composer
  142. Basina Irina Sergeevna, civil activist
  143. Rumyantseva Anastasia Andreevna, civil activist
  144. Borzenkova Maria Pavlovna, SEO Specialist
  145. Deterleeva Valentina Viktorovna, artist
  146. Minaeva Elena Andreevna, artist - animator
  147. Malysheva Maria Alekseevna, photographer
  148. Burr Julia Dmitrievna, person
  149. Archi_S, artist
  150. Roshchina Julia Anatolyevna, copywriter
  151. Pisarchuk Denis Alexandrovich, civil activist
  152. Sviridova Anna, civil activist, poetess
  153. Repin Dmitry Aleksandrovich, not indifferent citizen
  154. Erofeeva Afina Sergeevna, choreographer, teacher
  155. Deloverov Alexander Viktorovich, writer
  156. Olga Igorevna Lazo, pensioner
  157. Bobua Zurab Zurabovich, student
  158. Stanchik Kristina Ruslanovna, student
  159. Navoyan Lilia, student
  160. Dmitry Limbos, director
  161. Razin Viktor Anatolievich, worker
  162. Trofimova Maria Viktorovna, translator
  163. Rebrov Andrei Aleksandrovich, civil activist, journalist, student
  164. Kobeleva Olga Igorevna, civil activist
  165. Nina Govorkova, citizen
  166. Glotov Arsenty Vladimirovich, social worker
  167. Gromik Maria Viktorovna, student
  168. Andronov Daniil Alexandrovich, worker
  169. Guseva Polina Leonidovna, teacher
  170. Likhi Golzer, student
  171. Shershnev Ivan Alekseevich, student
  172. Lars Kai, queer and psycho activist, artist
  173. Melikyants Polina Sergeevna, artist
  174. Dundua Nina Davidovna, artist
  175. Kuzmina Daria Vladimirovna, student
  176. Nuriahmetova Taliya Timurovna, artist
  177. Mikhailova Ekaterina Vladimirovna, artist
  178. Egorov Fedor Anatolyevich, student
  179. Valyaeva Yulia Igorevna, lawyer
  180. Potemkina Olesya Vyacheslavovna, artist and eco-activist
  181. Dezhneva Svetlana, caring citizen
  182. Kozlova Venera Anatolyevna, freelancer
  183. Shvetsov Sergey Alexandrovich, activist
  184. Stashchak Victoria Sergeevna, student
  185. Salieva Natalia, project manager
  186. Buyanov Oleg Sergeevich, civil activist
  187. Zabashta Anzhela Alexandrovna, media manager of a transport and logistics company
  188. Shifra Everyran, artist
  189. Gorskaya Elizaveta Valerievna, self-employed
  190. Sinichkina Marina Vitalievna, economist
  191. Zakatova Svetlana Sergeevna, civil activist
  192. Shmatko Anna Leonidovna, housewife
  193. Ignatieva Alena Dmitrievna, culturologist
  194. Malikova Taisiya Sergeevna, software developer
  195. Rudneva Yulia Vladimirovna, junior researcher
  196. Leah Rosen, doctor
  197. Igor Yudin, programmer
  198. Julia Zhukova, housewife
  199. Sheinin Vladimir Valerievich, musician and IT specialist
  200. Petrova Maria Evgenievna, analyst
  201. Krasina Daria Vyacheslavovna, just a person
  202. Cherenkova Daria Aleksandrovna, housewife
  203. Khodykin Alexander Vladimirovich, sociologist, candidate of sociological science
  204. Tretyak Anastasia Vladimirovna, caring citizen
  205. Mikhail Konovalenko, translator
  206. Alibekova Gabibat Timurovna, caring citizen
  207. Yudintseva Arina Vladimirovna, civil activist
  208. Rozhkova Olga Vladimirovna, civil activist
  209. Mishchenko Vera Nikitichna, doctor
  210. Ternovsky Eduard Vitalievich, civil activist
  211. Sokoloverova Kira Alexandrovna, civil activist
  212. Litvin Natalya Andreevna, student
  213. Aliev Mikhail Alexandrovich, programmer
  214. Kubashevskaya O.A., artist
  215. Oksana Mikitsey, polygraph
  216. Golovina Ludmila, psychologist
  217. Anastasia Oglezneva, architect
  218. Failure Anastasia Georgievna, photographer
  219. Vialkina Anna Vladimirovna, entrepreneur
  220. Nikiforova Anna Sergeevna, caring citizen
  221. Yulia Aleksandrovna Kalashnikova, postgraduate student
  222. Shikhalieva Diana Mushvigovna, NPO employee
  223. Sapega Tatyana Sergeevna, researcher
  224. Subbotina Anna Viktorovna, culturologist
  225. Snimshchikov Georgy Dmitrievich, programmer
  226. Vadim Borisov, producer
  227. Kapustin Alexander Sergeevich, activist
  228. Gorshkov Alexey Sergeevich, musician, translator, teacher
  229. Malkov Anatoly Viktorovich, lawyer
  230. Kuznetsova Irina Nikolaevna, pensioner, teacher
  231. Rumyantseva Polina Vladimirovna, IP
  232. Glushakova Anna, researcher
  233. Lvova Irina Vladimirovna, civil activist
  234. Prokopovich Yulia Evgenevna, IP
  235. Rybina Anastasia, saleswoman
  236. Markova Yulia Sergeevna, housewife
  237. Chetyrin Mikhail Ivanovich, citizen
  238. Sarsenova Anastasia Anatolyevna, housewife
  239. Mikheev Nikolay, IT-specialist
  240. Dmitrieva Irina Mikhailovna, IP
  241. Khokhlova Elizaveta Anatolyevna, IT-specialist
  242. Dunaev Andrey Nikolaevich, pensioner (due to disability)
  243. Edinéia Tavares Vaz, Membro das testemunhas de Jeová grupo
  244. Vasiliev Kirill Sergeevich, lawyer-activist
  245. Matvienko Marina Mykolaivna, unemployed
  246. Maksimov Arseniy, psychoanalyst, candidate of psychological sciences
  247. Golendukhin Igor Borisovich, pensioner
  248. Kurpyaev Maxim Yurievich, poet/writer/DJ
  249. Rogacheva Yulia Alexandrovna, lawyer
  250. Deryabina Anna Andreevna, not indifferent citizen
  251. Petrov Stepan, architect
  252. Shepeleva Vera Alekseevna, civil activist
  253. Fedotova Olga Alexandrovna, unemployed
  254. Khasanova Natalia, NGO employee
  255. Vaganov Vasily Pavlovich, Sales Service Specialist
  256. Belous Anastasia Alexandrovna, caring citizen
  257. Kyiv D.V., builder
  258. Melkozerov Georgy Andreevich, civil activist
  259. David McClain, U.S. Citizen
  260. Brezhnev Sergey Vladislavovich, pensioner
  261. Mochalova Yulia Sergeevna, pensioner
  262. Morozova Olga Evgenievna, ecologist
  263. Richard Kay, Postman
  264. Peter Graham, Therapist
  265. Bulatova Natalya Viktorovna, teacher
  266. Andrew Rees, Retired
  267. Patsenko Yan Valerievich, teacher, artist
  268. Dr E Woroch, Research Scientist/Academic
  269. Kelly-Anne Wynd, Customer Service
  270. Rose Seabury, Retired
  271. Janet Hancock, Concerned citizen
  272. Scott Stewart, Worker
  273. Elizaveta Markush, civil activist
  274. Chugai Alvina Nikolaevna, civil activist
  275. Zharinova Anna, student, artist
  276. Starodumova Irina Andreevna, outsourcing
  277. Kuluzhbaev Igor Narimanovich, taxi driver
  278. Kurnosinkova Marina Evgenievna, a caring citizen
  279. Matveeva Tatyana Alekseevna, disabled person of the 1st group
  280. Kadyrov Nikolai Vladimirovich, watchman
  281. Yakovleva Ksenia Aleksandrovna, caring citizen
  282. Larina Olga Ivanovna, artist
  283. Kobzeva Julia, researcher
  284. Semyonov Andrey Mikhailovich, citizen of the working specialty
  285. Pensioner
  286. Fedorova Anna Sergeevna, student
  287. Zalyubovskaya Daria Viktorovna, civil activist
  288. Toropova Valeria Maksimovna, activist, student
  289. Ushkova Natalya Konstantinovna, civil activist
  290. Nazarova Milana Andreevna, civil activist
  291. Volkova Tatyana Anatolyevna, poetess
  292. Orlova Daria Andreevna, methodologist
  293. Zhamuldin Sogdiana Kaisarkyzy, student of the gymnasium
  294. Yana Boyarko, caring citizen
  295. Shukhtina Maria Alekseevna, researcher
  296. Khudzieva Polina Makharbekovna, student
  297. Vilvovskaya Roza Evgenievna, student
  298. Pehlivanova Milena, civic activist from Bulgaria
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